Dame Helen Mirren took things to the next level when she stopped by the Late Late Show Tuesday evening to battle James Corden in a game of ‘Drop the Mic.’ The screen diva strutted into the ring wearing a robe and crown as she greeted spectators with a royal wave.

The late night host and acclaimed actress took turns rapping freestyle, dissing each other as the crowd cheered. Of course, it was all in good fun, but who knew the elegant Ms. Mirren had a talent for rap? Some of her first words to James before the battle began were telling him to kneel, which he scoffed at, and at one point she spoofed her own royal roles by saying, “Off with his head.”

James Corden threw out barbs about Mirren being dumped by Liam Neeson, not living up to her American counterpart of Meryl Streep, and playing the role queen over and over. He was pleased with himself as he pretended to hit one out of the ball park, complete with sound effects from the crew.

The award winning Helen Mirren took it in stride and countered by pointing out that Corden was strangely too obsessed with her exes, only paid attention to things that were deep fried, and that he found his best material in rival late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon’s trash can.

Her final turn won the match for her, hands down. The elegant actress stunned the crowd by dropping an F-bomb as she called Corden a tater tot as she pointed out how he messed up with his Boy’s club that thinking women should be judged on how hot they look. She stated that she was done with the bull crap, said “Your welcome for this headline, ‘Helen Mirren can rap,” then rhymed, “Compare me to Meryl, Judy, Maggie, but why? They’re not my competition, they’re my ride or die!”

Cheers went up from the crowd as she easily won Tuesday’s ‘Drop the Mic’ competition.

Mirren stars in a new horror movie, Winchester, set to be released February 2nd. It’s based on the true story of a real haunted house and the woman who lived in it.