Black Panther won’t just be a hit for Marvel Studios. Projections indicate the film will be a gigantic hit as evidenced by the pre-release ticket sales. Purchasing tickets in advance of a movie’s opening can be done online or via a smartphone. Fans who don’t want to wait for the second weekend to see the film have chosen to buy advance opening weekend tickets. The advance pre-sales purchases broke all records for a superhero film.

That is not the only record Black Panther intends to break. Deadpool’s opening weekend gross set a record for a February movie release. Black Panther will easily shatter that record. Original expectations had the film opening at a highly-impressive $90 million weekend. Predictions have been altered. Many believe the film will pull in around $150 million for its opening. The huge receipts do more than indicate Black Panther will return a lot of money to Marvel Studios. A massive success means Marvel Studios can continue with all plans for future projects. The superhero movie fad isn’t dead and won’t be dying out at any time in the near future. Black Panther may even give the superhero film movement more legs.

Black Panther positively benefited from an incredible trailer. Unlike the trailer for Justice League, the preview clips for Black Panther built up a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and interest. The clips also indicate a film with a solid plot and a host of great action scenes. Fans who enjoy superhero movies won’t likely be left disappointed after viewing Black Panther. Early buzz on the film suggests its an outstanding entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Black Panther, along with Doctor Strange and Ant-Man and The Wasp, shows that lesser-known characters from the Marvel Comics canon come with the potential to connect with mainstream movie audiences.