Alan Walker is one of the most popular artists on YouTube, but very little is known about him. He is primarily known for his debut`single “Faded”. That song was playing everywhere last year and people does not seem to get bored of that song. But who is Alan Walker?

Alan Walker is from Bergen in Norway, the same city as Kygo. He was born in 1997, so he is 20 years old. His name is not very Norwegian, that is because his father is from England. He moved from England to Norway when he was two years old. He has one brother and one sister.

Walker is as many other artists on the EMD-scene, self thought. He has in interviews explained that he learned how to produce music by using YouTube and reading tutorials.

Many people wonder why he hides his face. The reason is because he wants the focus on music and not on him as a person. If you want to see how Alan Walker looks like with no mask, you can see a picture from the Norwegian newspaper VG here.

His major hit is still “Faded”, but he also has a few other hits:

  • Sing Me to Sleep
  • Alone
  • Sky
  • Heading home