Meet King The Kid.

You’ve probably never heard of them before – But that’s to be expected considering they only announced themselves as a band this morning!

King The Kid was born out of the ashes of another band, called Wellington, which became incredibly popular on YouTube before their bassist left the band to pursue other interests.

To make a long story short, even though everyone went their separate ways, the remaining members of Los Angeles-based Wellington made plans to meet in the mountains of Oregon to work on a secret new project. Now the secret’s out with the announcement of this new band and the release of their debut single ‘We Are The Ones.’

The trio up and left Los Angeles to spend three months in Oregon writing and recording new material. Their dedication seemed unwavering, with the band’s drummer Ricky Ficarelli admitting “I haven’t talked to a girl or touched one in three months.” No Comment… But if their debut is anything to go by, it might just be worth it.

The KTK sound is surprisingly different from Wellington’s. The guys trade in the relative safety of synth backing and generic pop progressions for a much cleaner and edgier instrumental sound, skewing closer to the Rock side of their self-described Pop/Rock sensibilities.

David Michael Frank, 22, takes on the role of lead singer (and de facto bassist) for KTK, with Jose Mostajo, 22, on guitar and Ricky Ficarelli, 19, on drums.

Ricky has already amassed a significant following on YouTube, having earned over 100,000 subscribers and notched up more than 25 million views for his drum covers, which have become insanely popular since he started doing them in 2010.

It’s clear these guys have put the work in, and their debut single is definitely worth a listen. King The Kid is certainly one to watch in the future.

King The Kid’s debut album, ‘Start Something,’ is due for release on December 20.

Check out the music video for King The Kid’s debut single, ‘We Are The Ones,’ below: