After stripping off for her “Wrecking Ball” video, you wouldn’t think there’s much new ground left for Miley Cyrus to cover in her epic Scorched Earth Viral Marketing Policy™. Clearly we were wrong.

Miley offered a controversial sneak peek of her upcoming music video for her single “Adore You,” which includes a scene that looks like the singer is ‘touching herself,’ so to speak. That’s one way to top the epic Wrecking Ball video, which was the second most-watch music video of 2013. Watch the teaser below:

This is the second sneak peek of the “Adore You” music video Miley has shared. Each preview has featured been grainy and lo-fi images of Miley in bed wearing nothing more than her underwear as she writhes around in the sheets. It remains to be seen if the real video will contain these scenes, or if she’s just drawing her Smilers in with the teasers.

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, Miley explained that she wanted “Adore You” would be the first track on her Bangerz album to represent the life cycle of her relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

“The whole album is a story of that… Starting with ‘Adore You’ and ending with ‘Someone Else” I feel like you can really find like this arch of growth.

“Now that it’s done and I have my physical copy and I put it in my car. I’m like, ‘This is really like telling a story.’ I think I knew more intuitively where my life was going than I actually thought I did at the time.”

The visuals for “Adore You” will hit YouTube on December 26.

Watch the chatroulette parody of Wrecking Ball below: