Mandy Moore recently announced that she will be going on tour for the first time in ten years. The tour will kick off in Pittsburg, PA at the Benedum Center on March 20, 2020. Mandy will perform at the Cullen Performance Hall in Houston on April 24, 2020.

She posted about the upcoming tour on her Facebook account. She stated that she is excited to go on tour. She also stated that she will be singing some old songs and new songs. Additionally, Mandy said that she has been writing and recording a lot of new songs and cannot wait to release them.

Not only will Mandy Moore be going on tour in 2020, but she will also be releasing a new album. This will be the first album that she has released in 10 years. Mandy took a hiatus from her music career to focus on her acting career.

She released two singles earlier this year entitled “I’d Rather Lose” and “When I Wasn’t Watching.” Tickets for the concert went on sale on November 20, 2019. There will be concerts in Pittsburg, PA, Charlotte, NC, Birmingham, AL, Tampa, FL, Houston, TX, Chicago, IL, Salt Lake City, UT and Denver, CO.

Mandy Moore currently has a role on a show called “This is Us.” She has also appeared in several films over the years. Some of her films included “Saved”, “Chasing Liberty” and “Midway.”

Mandy’s new album will feature a collaboration with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith. Taylor is a member of a band called Dawes. Mandy and Taylor married in 2018 after dating for three years. They recently celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Mandy stated that it feels good to be sharing the musical side of her again. An exact date for the new album release has not been given yet.