Alec Baldwin was on the hot seat following an accidental shooting while on set. The Hollywood star fought for his rights and finally got out of the hot seat. The six-month investigation was a real roller coaster ride for him and his career. However, the Occupational Health and Safety Bureau (OHSB) released its findings which put him in the clear.

Mr. Baldwin released a video on his Instagram thanking the authorities for exonerating him. One of his lawyers also said that the investigation proved that Baldwin’s actions were on the basis of the belief that the gun was using dummy bullets. He did not know about any prop changes since he was not in control of the setup and the props. Due to his limited control, he could not know about any changes in the gun or bullets. His approval was limited to creative casting and minor script changes.

From the OHSB report, a few named individuals were to take responsibility for the accidental shooting. The production company was also fined $137,000 for willfully violating the safety protocols. According to the evidence, the production officials intentionally refused to follow the firearm safety measures. They turned a blind eye to the risks involved, thus putting the people in harm’s way.

The report also pointed out that the armorer Hannah Reed was not on set during the shooting, and therefore, she had no chance to inspect the gun. Hannah was in the compound, but no one informed her that the scene was about to begin so that she could perform her duty. This makes the company guilty of negligence and hindering employee safety measures.

The investigation also proved concerns about possible misfires, but the management ignored them and pushed for the scene to go on without thorough inspection. The gun specialists on set had no chance to ensure the firearm would not malfunction during use.

Due to this negligence and oversight, Halyna Hutchin’s life ended abruptly. The production company and the crew members present now face a lawsuit for wrongful death. The family of the late cinematographer blames them for the death of their beloved Halyna. A long, eventful period of court appearances is ahead of this whole team.