LYON, FRANCE - OCTOBER 08: Quentin Tarantino attends the opening ceremony of the 8th Lumiere Film Festival in Lyon on October 8, 2016 in Lyon, France. (Photo by Dominique Charriau/Getty Images)

There are few filmmakers as consistent in both quality and box-office returns as Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino, who most recently released the Western stage-play inspired picture ‘The Hateful 8’, is back at it again with perhaps his most ambitious project yet: an as of yet untitled film revolving around the horrific Charles Manson murders. Tarantino has been vocal about his decision to step away from filmmaking in the near future and his ninth film could be one of the last that the auteur ever creates. It only makes sense that many production studies got involved in a bidding war. It was recently announced that Tarantino signed a deal with Sony for a $95 million production budget as well as a slew of extra demands.

Sony Pictures has been desperate for a big win after struggling with a slew of box office failures this past year. Sony got involved in the bidding war for Tarantino’s ninth film and it seems like the prolific entertainment company quickly ran away with it. As part of the negotiations, which featured Tom Rothman and Sanford Panitch, Tarantino made it loud and clear that he was demanding ‘extraordinary creative control’ of the picture. The deal was quickly negotiated and agreed upon and almost in the blink of an eye Tarantino’s next picture was slated to be created with full cooperation.

Tarantino returning to Sony shouldn’t really surprise any astute film fans. Sony had helped Tarantino in the foreign release aspect of the 2012 film ‘Django Unchained’ which quickly turned into Tarantino’s high water mark for commercial success. ‘Django Unchained’ pulled in nearly $260 million from foreign box offices during its run. When it became clear that Quentin Tarantino would refuse to work with Harvey Weinstein, who may actually end up in jail in the near future, Sony moved in and quickly got on board with the project.

Tarantino’s latest project is looking to be one of the most ambitious of his career. Lauded as an ensemble set piece throughout the ’60s, the film will take moments to sneak a peak at the almost impossible-to-believe Manson Family murders. Tarantino and Sony have yet to announce any actual cast members for the roster of the film but names like Brad Pitt, Margo Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Tom Cruise have been bandied about. No matter who ends up in this untitled picture, we can bet it will have all of the hallmarks of Tarantino’s traditional mayhem.