If you are into high octane action, fast cars, and macho men and women dominating the screen then odds are good you’ve seen your share of ‘Fast and Furious’ films. Incredibly the relatively simple plot featuring street racers and police officers who chase them has turned into one of the biggest box office hits in the history of cinema. The addition of Dwayne Johnson to the franchise helped to bolster numbers even more as the butt-kicking Hobbs rapidly became a fan favorite. Now, Hobbs is getting his own spin-off film and he’ll star in it alongside ‘Fast & Furious’ co-star Jason Statham,

Watching ‘The Fate of the Furious’ in theaters was an interesting experience for franchise fans. This was the first film completed without Paul Walker, the star of the franchise who died in a tragic accident. The film was also bigger, louder, and faster than any other previous releases in the history of the show. Most importantly, however, the dynamic on screen changed to focus more on Johnson’s character Hobbs and his on-screen rival Deckard, played by Jason Statham. While fans loved the dynamic action-hero duo, many members of the ‘Furious’ cast were reportedly quite upset with this revelation.

Over the past summer it was revealed that Dwayne Johnson had immense beef with one of his male co-stars on the film and it inspired him to pen a now infamous Instagram post calling the actor out. Then news came out that Vin Diesel made the production house scrap an after credit scene from ‘Fate of the Furious’ because he didn’t want it to happen with just Johnson and Statham. If THAT wasn’t enough for the gossip rags, co-star Tyrese Gibson would come out on social media and put Dwayne Johnson on blast, full stop.

Gibson has been an iconic member of the ‘Fast & Furious’ crew since the second installment in the franchise. Gibson plays the comic relief character Roman and his partnership with Ludacris’ character, Tej Parker, is often one of the biggest highlights of the films. So, Gibson publicly shaming Dwayne Johnson seemed to be out of left field! As it turned out, Gibson was furious knowing that Johnson was going to take on a solo film because it would leave his character and the rest of the ‘Fast’ family out of another paycheck. Will this public spat, that hasn’t cooled down, harm the ‘family vibes’ of the series going forward?