Asher Angel, one of the stars in the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie Shazam, has apparently wrapped up filming.

“That’s a wrap on Shazam!” he wrote on his Twitter account. “What an experience―so lucky to learn from the many talented, encouraging and generous professionals both in front of and behind the camera. It truly takes a village. I can’t wait to share and see you all soon!”

He posted the message along with a picture of himself posing with his co-star Zachary Levi. It is unknown if Levi is done filming yet, but if not then one can assume he will be in the coming days.

The movie centers around Billy Batson, a boy who is given the ability to transform into an adult superhero by saying the magical word “Shazam!” Angel will play Billy in his “normal” form, while Levi will take over when Billy is in his superhero body.

While Levi is a veteran in the genre (having played Fandral in the latter two Thor movies), this is Angel’s first major cinematic role. He is mostly known as Jonah Beck on the Disney Channel TV series Andi Mack.

While it may seem early for production to be wrapping up―it began in February, with the movie not coming out until April 5, 2019―months will probably be needed for CGI and other post-production work. In fact, this puts the movie right on schedule, which is a good sign given how troubled some other DCEU projects have been.

The franchise has been trying to course-correct ever since the subpar performance of 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It sort of succeeded with the financially successful Suicide Squad, got an unqualified success with Wonder Woman, but then dipped again for last year’s Justice League. Among the complaints have been that the films are too dour and deconstructive, as well as confusing and disjointed.

This December will see the release of Aquaman, with Shazam and then Wonder Woman 2 in 2019. Shazam in particular has been hyped as a more lighthearted, funny superhero movie, with director David F. Sandberg saying that the premise will be used for some great situational comedy. Fans no doubt hope that things remain on track.