Ellen DeGeneres wears many hats. The Emmy award-winning talk show host is an accomplished stand-up comedian as well as the voice behind a memorable character in the hit animated movies Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory. DeGeneres has also been a vocal animal rights activist.

But one hat that Ellen DeGeneres refuses to wear is one that she feels was thrust upon her by Eric Trump, the son of United States President.

DeGeneres said that she was “honored” that the president’s son was impressed with her perceived power but she denied being part of a secret group of ‘deep state’ members scheming to ruin the Trump presidency.

The statement made by DeGeneres was in response to a Tweet by Eric Trump suggesting that she was partnered with a group that included Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as part of a covert government. DeGeneres expressed to Eric Trump that she was “sorry” to disappoint him.

The words from DeGeneres was part of a snippet that served as a preview to Thursday’s edition of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. During the show. DeGeneres admitted surprise to find that her name was trending for politics. She said after learning of Eric Trump’s accusations that an assortment of questions came to mind.

The comedian says that it was “strange” to become part of the craziest story she saw the entire week before opining that the person who has most “undermined Donald Trump” is, in fact, the president himself. She also went on to make jokes as to why her schedule was much to busy to allow for a position in the deep state.

Her final message to Eric Trump was ultimately a message of friendship as only the comedian could deliver. She suggested to the younger Trump that he follow her on Twitter as does his sisters Ivanka and Tiffany. DeGeneres assured the president’s son that despite the fact that the two of them do not agree on political issues that she does ‘post cute videos.’