T.J. Miller, the 36-year old actor known for his recent roles on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” television series, the “Mucinex” television commercials and the “The Emoji Movie” and “Deadpool” films, was recently arrested in New York’s LaGuardia Airport due to allegations of falsely declaring the threat of an explosive device. Miller faces one charge of intentionally misleading police about a bomb on a Conncecticut-bound train. Miller appeared in a New Haven courtroom, standing before a U.S. district judge and was released with $100,000 bond. Being guilty of this crime carries a maximum sentence of five years of imprisonment.

In a recent press release, the actor is described as dialing 911 on March 18th. In his call to emergency services, Miller reported that he had overheard a female passenger on his Amtrack Train declare she had a bomb on her person. Miller’s train was en route from Washington, D.C. to New York City’s Penn Station. A bomb squad investigation failed to yield any proof of an explosive on the train. The officer speaking with Miller, noting that Miller’s description of the potential bomber kept shifting, was concerned that the actor was at some level of intoxication from alcohol.

Investigators eventually discerned that Miller was on a different train than what he had reported in the 911 call. After moving the inspection to the train Miller had rode and made his call from, the investigation was again proved fruitless. An Amtrack employee claimed that Miller was forcibly removed from the train in New York due to intoxication. said employee was also recorded as saying that Miller had been hostile with a woman sitting near him in the train’s First Class section.

The complaint claims that Miller, operating under an alcohol-infused urge to get even with the woman in First Class, decided to call 911 and supply emergency responders with a false bomb threat on the train. The entire case is being looked into by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and police groups attached to the state of Connecticut, Westport, Amtrack and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Representatives for Todd Joseph Miller could not be reached for a comment on the matter.

While this story is the latest news of Miller’s criminal antics, it is not the first. Last year saw headlines emerge about allegations that Miller had taken advantage of a woman when he was a college student. Miller vehemently denied the accusation.