Lou Taylor started working in Oliver home production when he was ten years old. He later joined The Sound of music on Broadway, playing Freidrich as a substitute. He has been featured in films like The Chumscrubber as Arie Posin; Empire falls, an HBO miniseries, and Thumbsucker, a Mike Mills film, as starring. These three films earned him an acting jury prize and the best actor Silver Award at a film festivals for Sundance and Berlin. He is also seen in a music video called St. Jimmy in Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day.

In 2009, at the film festival Sundance, Taylor’s three films got an opportunity to be screened. The films were Brief Interviews with John Krasinski as the director, The Answer Man featuring Lauren Graham and Jeff Daniels, and The Informers featuring Winona Ryder, Mickey Rourke, Billy Bob Thornton, and Kim Basinger. The latter was formulated in a short story collection by Bret Easton Ellis having the same name. He also participated as a juror in a competition for short films.

Lou Taylor had several roles in indie films, with a leading role in the story of Luke film as an autistic man besides Seth Benjamin Green. He got a starring role in the Evil Dead remake based on 1981 original by Sam Raimi. He also starred in Spring thriller and later Law & Order as Teddy Courtney.

Lou Taylor is featured in Ava’s Possessions horror film, where he portrays Ben. In 2016, alongside Shannon Michael Corbett, he starred in Poor boy, a western thriller that premiered at a film festival in Tribeca. In 2018, he was featured as a starring guest in You, a thriller series by Lifetime TV network, playing Benji. In 2019, he was featured in You’re the Worst, an FX comedy series where he starred as Nock Nock, in addition to American Horror Story film having a recurring role.