Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa have been co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan for almost two years now. But both Kelly and Ryan know that hosting a show is a complex job and it takes a team to do it successfully. That’s why Ryan Seacrest and his co-host Kelly asked the staff members of the show what their favorite moments from 2018 were! This is a truly nice gesture as their hard-working staff were finally allowed to have a voice.

For example, Michael Gellman, Executive Producer of the show, picked the Thanksgiving cooking episode, which featured his daughter, Misha. Michael said he loves when the shows feature family members of the hosts, so it’s no wonder he picked this moment! Brian Shatnin confessed that his favorite moment was when Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the company broke a world record for the largest group of people flossing for one minute! Although they were met with rainy weather and wind, 349 people danced like nobody’s watching and earned a spot in The Guinness Book of World Record.

Producer of the show, Lori Schulweis, loved the Fact or Fiction games from last year. The participants on the phones and their facts were hilarious which made this episode incredibly fun to watch. Both audience coordinators Monique and Angie love working with Ryan and Kelly. They give audience pointers and dance with them, which really seems like a super-cool job to begin with.

And finally, Christine Connolly, who is another producer of the show, revealed that her favorite moment of the show was when Katy Perry and a couple of other guys walked into the studio wearing animal costumes. Then they sat down with Ryan Seacrest and played a game where they guessed which of them would be most likely to do various things, while Katy Perry was still in a sloth costume. That sounds fun!

Some fans believe that Kelly and Ryan wouldn’t make such a great team if they weren’t so happy with their own lives. Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos are parents to three kids, Michael, Lola and Joaquin. Recently, Kelly admitted that she regrets not having even more.

“I am regretful that we didn’t have more,” she told Ryan Seacrest on Live With Kelly and Ryan. “There is many different reasons. First of all, triangulation. When they are small… You always have two against one. It is just the way it is, it’s unavoidable. But I also just loved having them,” she continued. “I adore them as the grown-ups that they’ve become… But when they are tiny, they are just so adorable. And they say amazing things, and I miss all of that.”

In case you don’t know, Kelly and Mark met on the set of All My Children and got married in 1996. Kelly also talked about her friend Andy Cohen’s newborn son. Ripa also told Seacrest that Andy has been like a surrogate dad to her kids.

“I’m getting emotional,” she said. “He is a great, great family man. And I am so so happy and thrilled for you both. This baby is the luckiest baby, and Andy is the luckiest dad. The whole Cohen family, we are all so happy and thrilled for you.” Kelly shared her congratulations for Cohen and said that she was practically in the delivery room when his son Benjamin was born!

“I was honored to practically be in the delivery room, on the phone with my friend, Bruce Bozzi, who was actually in the delivery room,” she told Ryan. “Andy named the baby after his grandfather, Ben Allen. He’s obviously over the moon, he’s in love. He looks, I have to say, like he’s been born to do this his whole life.”

Ripa also shared his happy news on Instagram by posting a photo of a cake with a topper that read, “It’s a boy.” “It sure is! Welcome Benjamin!” she wrote. “We’ve been waiting for you!!! Mazel Tov @bravoandy.”

Although Ripa doesn’t have more children, she definitely has a handsome husband and she’s not afraid to share photos of him with the rest of the world! As fans of Live with Kelly and Ryan know, Kelly loves to share photos of Mark, and she even started off her week on social media with one them. In a photo posted to her Instagram, Kelly’s husband Mark can be seen standing in the middle of the beach with a huge smile on his face.

Mark poses for the camera with a pair of shades and his incredible body. The photo earned Ripa over 9,000 likes and over 100 comments within an hour of the post going live! Some fans commented how lucky Kelly is (as if she doesn’t know this) while others gushed over his incredible body. The photo was taken from the couple’s tropical getaway they took at the end of January.

In another episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Twin Cities Live co-anchor Steve Patterson joked about the weather for the national audience, but this time about how warm it is. “It’s a heat wave – 11 degrees; that’s what it is now. It could get into the 20s later today. Humble brag,” said Patterson, whose appearance last week amid sub-zero temperatures was wildly popular.

Kelly addressed his hair, visible for the first time after he was bundled last week, but also, the swim trunks he wore in the bit. Patterson appeared on the show from the Ice Castles in Excelsior, which he called “a place to cool down.”

“We had a miracle of a weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday were in the 30s,” he told Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. “The whole state of Minnesota, we all became like Adam Levine on the Super Bowl halftime show; as the day went on more layers came off.” He hilariously compared the warm weekend after last week’s freezing weather to a music festival. “Limited clothing, a lot of bad decisions. But that’s what you do when you live through the polar vortex.”

Also, the Nebraska Tourism Commission sent Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa their own Nebraska coffee mugs with a variation of the state’s slogan: “Nebraska. Honestly, it’s not for everyone.”

Ryan and Kelly shared their new mugs on Live. The mugs read, “Kelly. Honestly, it’s not for everyone” and “Ryan. Honestly, it’s not for everyone.” Ripa said that the slogan speaks to them “as a talk show and as people. We are not for everyone, but the people who get us, get us big time.” Seacrest was also very happy with his new mug, “Cheers, this is our new marketing campaign.”


Ryan Seacrest on Katy Perry’s Engagement

Katy Perry’s fans were beyond happy when they heard the news that their favorite pop star is getting married! Ryan Seacrest revealed that Perry was on the cloud nine when she returned to work on the set of American Idol the day after getting engaged to Orlando Bloom.

“We were shooting some American Idol over the last couple of days,” Seacrest explained to Kelly Ripa after the Live With Kelly and Ryan co-hosts congratulated the couple during the morning talk show. “And it was Valentine’s Day and there was a lot of talk about staying on track and staying on schedule…  Well, turns out, I guess, Orlando had this whole evening planned out.”

Seacrest continued, “She’s so happy. It was actually really beautiful to see her the next day so happy and beaming, so congratulations.” Ryan also noted that Katy didn’t shy away from showing off her new diamond ring from Bloom. “She was judging with this hand,” he added while doing an impression of her elaborate gesture putting the ring so everyone can see it.

Katy and Orlando also didn’t wait to share their happy news! “Lifetimes,” Bloom captioned a photo confirming their engagement following their special Valentine’s Day evening. The future spouses were surrounded by the red heart balloons in the photo. Katy shared the same photo and captioned it with, “full bloom.”

As a reminder, the couple began dating in 2016, but they broke up after a year. They rekindled their romance, and according to a source, it was obvious that this time it was serious. “Katy doesn’t want this relationship to be a repeat cycle of things she’s already experienced in past relationships that didn’t work out. She’s learned to grow from them and doesn’t want that in her current relationship.”

This will be the second marriage for both Katy and Orlando. Katy was married to Russell Brand while the famous actor was married to Miranda Kerr, with whom he has 8-year-old son Flynn.


Ryan Seacrest and American Idol Crew Are Busy

Everyone is excited with the new season of American Idol approaching! Luke Bryan will kick off his second run as a judge on Idol, along with Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Bryan confessed that for him, the show is less about his own platform and more about giving the young talents an opportunity to become stars.

“It’s always about the contestants,” Bryan noted. “That’s what makes the show fun for us, the surprises, the talent, the youthfulness of the talent. I mean, we have so many 15, 16, 17-year-olds that are unbelievable, and watching them handle the pressure and have fun and the tears and the joy and the smile and all that. So, we’re loving it. We love the role – me and Katie and Lionel and Ryan – we’re having a great time doing this,” he continued. “If we weren’t having a good time, it would change the whole dynamic. To be able to facilitate these kids’ dreams is very special.”

Bryan also admitted that being a part of American Idol wasn’t always easy, but it was always worth it. “The road tires you out in this way. When you’re running up and down stadiums and doing all that, you wake up the next day and you feel like you ran through a stadium,” Bryan said. “And when you’re out on Idol, we notice you get done and you just want a nice glass of wine just to kind of shut your brain off, because you’ve been concentrating for 12 hours on making the right decisions with these kids.”

Unlike Ryan Seacrest, Bryan, Perry and Richie were all newcomers to the American Idol stage last year. This is why Bryan believes that this season will be even better than last year. “Second season of Idol, I’m more excited this year because I know what to expect,” Bryan was honest. “I’m not going to be scared the whole time. The fact that me and Lionel and Katy and Ryan Seacrest we have one season under our belt, we know how much we can have fun with one another. We know how serious the contestants take it. We’re excited. I know we’re more excited than last year, just because we know what to expect. It’s gonna be a lot of surprises and a lot of fun.”


Ryan Seacrest and New York Fashion Week

Ryan Seacrest may be one of the busiest men in show business, but he still found time to step out for the Naeem Khan show on Tuesday. Seacrest was casual in a blue cashmere sweater under a dark woolen looking matching suit. The famous American Idol host smiled with Debra Messing, who proved that she is more than just an actress.

Messing stepped out in a fashionable power suit and had her hair slicked back. Her powerful ensemble featured a buttoned-up black shirt and trousers complete with an embellished silver patterned blazer. Debra paired her business look with pointed toe-black pumps and diamond drop earrings and a ring.

And while Seacrest is famous for being a man of style (he even created a fashion line of his own called Distinction), the famous TV and radio presenter admits that he hasn’t always been so perfect with his fashion choices.

One of the fashion felonies he said he’s guilty of is wearing a transparent shirt, “I remember on Season 2 of American Idol, I wore a sheer button-down where you could see through it,” he said. “I thought that it was a good idea. I think I was sabotaged by somebody.”

He also said that he was accused of not wearing any socks. “At first, it was very hard for me to go sockless,” Seacrest admitted. “It’s a very New York thing to not wear socks. And then I got hooked on not wearing socks to the point where I had to start wearing socks because I was getting criticized for not wearing them in cold weather. That’s one I may have taken on too fast.”

Speaking of fashion, many celebrities and models expressed their sadness after learning that Karl Lagerfeld has passed away. Claudia Schiffer, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kris Jenner and many others have paid tribute to the fallen Chanel designer, and Seacrest was one of them. “Rest in peace Karl Lagerfeld. A true fashion maestro and visionary who inspired many. The impact he made and the legacy he left will live on,” Seacrest wrote on his Twitter.

Today, Ryan Seacrest is one of the most fashionable men in Hollywood. Still, he isn’t flawless. “I’m having trouble with the shoestrings not being tied. I’ve been trying to do it; it’s part of my midlife crisis,” he commented on the trend of not tying your laces, but rather tucking them in. “The kids that work with me say, ‘Why are you tying your strings? You should be slipping into the shoes.’ It’s difficult for me to get behind that,” says Seacrest, “and it’s very dangerous.”

Ryan Seacrest was also asked about his plans for Valentine’s Day. As always, Seacrest made a joke, “It’s coming, isn’t it? I better focus on that. I’ve gotta start making reservations!”

No matter how much he jokes about this, Seacrest has been open about how much he loves his girlfriend Shayna Taylor, who makes his mornings even brighter, “We get up very early. And she can make the most amazing, strong coffee,” he said. “And I struggle making it as potent. So, my resolution is to make the best potent coffee at 5:05 in the morning, every single day.”

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor have been dating for a few years now. They broke up at one point but they are now stronger than ever before. The couple has even bought an apartment together in New York City after Ryan was hired to co-host the Live show with Kelly Ripa.


Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars

The 91st Academy Awards is upon us, starting February 24 at 8 PM ET. All the celebs will be in one place, and before we see who gets the pint-sized golden award, the Oscars red carpet is the place where everyone wants to be seen. The pre-show event will air on ABC with its Oscars Opening Ceremony: Live From the Red Carpet.

As a reminder, ABC’s Oscars red carpet coverage had aired on Facebook in previous years but now it will broadcast on Twitter as well! Viewers can tweet out questions to celebrities that can be answered live by using the hashtag #OscarsAllAccess.

As always, Ryan Seacrest is the synonym for the red carpet. Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic will be hosting E! Live From the Red Carpet starting at 5 PM ET.