50 Cent is now out an additional $2 million.

The rapper, most famous for his album Get Rich or Die Tryin’, has now been forced to pay out $2 million dollars in punitive damages on top of the $5 million bucks he was ordered to pay for publishing her sex tape online.

The victim, Lastonia Levison, happily declared  “I’ve been served justice by the courts and vindicated by God!” as she walked out of the Manhattan Supreme Court $7 million richer.

The judges deliberated and came to a balanced compromise between the $15 million that Levison’s lawyers asked for, and the $700,000 that 50 Cent’s lawyers suggested.

Nobody among the jury bought the rap and business mogul’s claims of poverty; even after he declared bankruptcy in an attempt, which he reportedly admitted, was to stall the jurors from hitting him with charges for punitive damages.

50 Cent’s lawyer, James Renard, stated that “Although we appreciate the jury’s service, we are disappointed in the result.” Meanwhile a happy Levison commented that she hopes the ruling will teach the rap star that, “You can’t be mean and cruel to people.”

And with that, the 50 cent scandal comes to a rough conclusion for the rap star.

Levison will most likely be bumping this track in her brand new Mercedes she bought with this extra cash: