As Russia tries with all its might to wipe out Ukraine, the small country about the size of Texas continues to hold out on every front. Mariupol may have fallen, but Ukraine refuses to give up, and the president of Ukraine is now a man of the people.

The Donbas region in Southern Ukraine is now the target of president Vladimir Putin, but Ukraine refuses to let go. The Crimea land border between Mariupol and Moldova is a non-starter, according to Ukraine’s president.

Odesa, along the border, is struggling with major bombardment and non-stop missile strikes from Russian troops. Ukraine, although reinvigorated by the sinking of the Russian ship Moldova, is taking heavy losses in Mariupol and the steel factory where thousands of soldiers are holding out.

Although it appears the north of Ukraine is a safe zone, the humanitarian corridor between Lviv and Poland is still under heavy scrutiny. United Nations estimates put the toll at 4 million Ukrainians entering Poland since Russia invaded the sovereign country.

The United States still promises it will not send troops into Ukraine and the war zone. However, the U.S. and its allies continue to send millions of dollars in aid to the besieged country. The U.S. does promise if Russia tries to invade one NATO country, the full and absolute force of the United States military will be used.

Although several Russian generals (and Putin) have said the United States would face “consequences unlike anything they’ve seen in history,” it’s been made clear the U.S. is the greatest military power in the history of mankind. A strike of any kind on the United States or NATO would be the end of Russia on all levels. Russia would turn into a burning pile of rubble if it tried one thing against the U.S.