In 2016, Jon Olsson started a videoblog. Olsson is a famous former professional skier. He teamed up with Marcus Valeur, a Norwegian self-taught photographer. They started almost from scratch and made 281 vlogs. Together they managed to make a YouTube-channel with over 500 000 subscribers. The YouTube-channel was really about Jon Olsson, but the blog was about the two of them. They even adopted the nickname “Team Overkill”.

About a month ago, the duo was on their way back from a visit in LA. While waiting for a connecting flight to Monaco for Jon and Norway for Marcus, they uploaded vlog number 281. The title was “Nothing will last forever, We will miss you, Marcus”. Marcus had suddenly decided to leave Jon Olsson blog and Team Overkill.

Why did Marcus leave? 

They have not given any precise comment on that question. The speculations have been going wild among the fans on almost every video published after that incident. They did say that it was nothing financial and that they still remain friends. Some referred to some episodes were Marcus was not treated so well and some believe that it just was because Marcus keen on pursuing his own things.

So what is Marcus doing today and will he start his own vlog? 

Since the exit from “Team Overkill”, he has been very active on Instagram. He has been traveling and done photo shoots for various companies. He has also been involved in the vlog belonging to the Instagram user Arnhoff. Arnhoff is actually a friend of Jon Olsson and if you followed Jon Olssons vlog, you might remember that they crashed there when they were in Oslo.

We have tried to find out what he plans on doing now, his own vlog or no vlog. Unfortunately with no luck, we do believe that he will come back on YouTube in some kind of way. He already have the fans he need to get more subscribers and on every picture posted on Instagram, the fans write “start your own vlog”. If you want to know when or if he uploads a video, you can follow his channel on Youtube.

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