RiceGum vs Gabby Show – THE TRUTH!


There is a lot of drama going on in the YouTube world. The latest drama evokes feelings among a lot of others YouTubers. According to Gabby, RiceGum hit her and broke her phone. The incident took place at a party. The incident happend after Gabby tried to film Ricegum with out his consent at a party, with mainly other YouTubers.  Ricegum says that he did break her phone, but that he did not hit her. Gabby says, he did break her phone and that he hit her.

Not long after “the battle of the phone”, Gabby posted a video explaining what occurred. You can watch that video above the article. The video is very disturbing and naturally, a lot of other YouTubers caught on and discussed the matter. This fired up a battle between the two. Despite that this was a party with almost only YouTubers, only one has come forward to confirm or deny the story, Romeo Lacoste. He confirms that Ricegum did broke her phone and that was agressive but that he did not use any violence.

Ricegum does not seem to get over this and he even released a new rap song dissing Gabby. Gabby answered that video in a much more mature way. They are probably both feeding their fans what they want. Ricegum has made a living of being an ass and Gabby is…Gabby.

It would had been a lot easier for us and everyone else if more people that was on the party came forward to deny or confirm what acutally have happend. These YouTubers are major influencers so if Ricegum did hit Gabby, that would be disgraceful and even illegal by all terms. If Gabby lied about Ricegum hitting her, that would be disgraceful and even illegal by all terms.

We are not going to conclude the story here but either way, this is sad. Especially with all the focus on negative videoes on YouTube. We will follow this case to bitter end!