We just discovered a hidden gem! Amanda Delara`s new single “Dirhamz”is like a fresh summer breeze after the winter. “Dirhamz” is according to Amanda, a song about making tough choices in life and getting through. She explains that the song is written with inspiration from her friends real life stories. The music video gives the song a very good context, but the lyrics in itself is really powerful.

The song is a beautiful piece of masterwork. Her vocal is something out-of-this-world and the beats are almost as sexy as they can be. This is the song that deserves to be on your playlist and we guarantee you that it’s just a matter of time before you are mumbling “pushing cocaine – chasing dirhamz” in the shower.

Delara has teamed up with former Nico and Vinz`s manager Amanuel Kidane.She  is a young artist, but have previously gained attention for her single “Paper Paper”. She is 2nd-generation Iranian, but is a Norwegian citizen and has lived her whole life in Norway.

We doubt that this is the last thing that we have heard from this talented woman. Also, with so many Norwegian artists on the scene – such as Alan Walker, Nico & Vinz and Kygo. The timing has probably not been better than it is right now. Most importantly, this is a very talented young girl!