Rap super-duo Bad Meets Evil, featuring Eminem and fellow rapper Royce da 5’9″, have found great success this summer with their single, ‘Lighters’ featuring Bruno Mars. Now the pair have debuted their official music video for the song.

Eminem has proven with his last individual album, ‘Recovery,’ that he is taking a more visual, deeper approach to his music as well as their accompanying videos. Fans are seeing a more personal Marshall Mathers than ever before.

While many other artists are depending on special effects and computers to complete their artistic vision, ‘Lighters’ stays true to its sound with a video that is simple and raw. Mars is in his usual spot in front of a piano with Eminem in his living room searching his brain while Royce da 5’9″ paces in a jail cell with all of his writings on the walls.

The simple nature of the video beautifully compliments the lyrical message of the single with the scenic ending of a “sky full of lighters…”

Watch Bad Meets Evil’s music video for ‘Lighters’ Ft. Bruno Mars below: