Kordestani Uncharted

Guin Records is set to change the game when it comes to independent record labels available for artists at the beginning of their careers.

Founded upon the foundation of the bonds of family and friendship between siblings Milan Korestani and Misha Kordestani, Guin Record believes in a teamwork-based approach to getting new developing talents discovered. The name Milan Korestani may sound familiar because he is the CEO and founder of MilanFarms, a farm dedicated to producing free-range/organic chicken eggs, saffron, and mint in a method that is transparent and honest to the consumer. His sister, Misha Kordestani, is said to have an ear of finding the next big musical hit. With these in synchrony, the team has put together the “Uncharted” album, a collaborative album that, true to its name, goes into the uncharted territory of new musical artists. I gave two of its songs a listen.

The first was a song called “Wave” by Prospectz Nation.

This hip-hop starts with a hypnotic vocal in the background that lays the foundation for the rest of the piece. The vocal synchrony of the two singers parries back and forth between busting out very tight rhymes and speaking casually between the two of them. Every now and then, a slight flourish of horns will embellish on a beat that kept me intrigued and interested in the music. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I found the strong synthetic sound of the bass in the setting of any club or party, but the flowing lyrical pace of the rest of the song could also be played while driving around town with the windows rolled down the volume turned up. The lyrics are focused on using and trying different drugs, very emblematic of the mentality that life can only be lived once. The subtext of it though is one of keeping an open mind to the world around you, something that I only realized after a couple of listenings. I think that this song has a lot of complexity to it that is a good sign for a group that is so new as Prospectz Nation.

The second song that I listened to was called “One of Us” by Prophecy.

This song opens with an intro that is honest with itself that it is a song with less complexity. I thought this was a refreshing opening since songs these days often take themselves too seriously. “One of Us” is focused less on its content and more on the vibe that it creates. This song is well paced, its rhymes are tight, and I would easily add this song to a playlist I listen to before going out for a night out downtown. It’s hype, and after listening to it I feel as if I could go out and command an air of authority that only confidence can give you.

Guin Records’ album “Uncharted” is available for pre-order mid-June, and it is being released on iTunes and Spotify on July 1st of this year.