Troye Sivan has announced his debut album ‘Wild’.

After shocking the YouTube world with the surprise announcement of his debut EP ‘TRXYE’ on VidCon’s main stage last year, the South-African/Australian young star was faced with a dilemma: “Where do I go from here?” Ultimately he decided that he should continue things, and make them even bigger.

And with that, he has now announced his debut album ‘Wild’, which is rumored to feature collaborations with some of his favorite artists. Not least of which stands the man famous for creating the hit track “Clarity”, Zedd.

His intense motivation, drive, and love for his fans has driven him back to the recording studio, where he spent countless hours rehearsing, writing, and producing songs for his beloved fans.

Last year after ‘TRXYE’ was announced, his fans were the ones who pushed the EP to become the number 1 album in over 66 territories. And now he is looking to his fans for yet another burst. The people who inspire him to work hard daily, and who he loves from the bottom of his heart, he is now crediting for pushing him to create this album.

Stay tuned as Sivan has promised to release more information.