Spotify’s annual wrapped feature debuted on Wednesday, signaling the beginning of anyone you know publishing their most streamed songs, album, and artists’ covers of the year onto social media. Spotify Wrapped accumulates data from each user to make a visual portrayal of that user’s preferred music and songs and a playlist containing those selections. Spotify wrapped was trending on Twitter mid-morning today, with artists like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce receiving their fair share of the spotlight.

 Taylor Swift, the most streamed female artist, came in second place, just behind Bad Bunny. Swift released Midnights song last month and was named the most viral artist of 2022 by Spotify. Canadian rap star Drake came in third, and colleague Canadian musician; The Weeknd came in fourth. Fifth place went to Maroon 5, sixth place to Travis Scott, and Post Malone held the seventh-place spot.

Spotify Wrapped is a new feature that Spotify introduced this year that allows its users to receive a report of their chart’s history. Each user-wrapped will have its very own unique aesthetic. Wrapped can be accessed by navigating to the top right corner of Spotify’s application, where you will see a plethora of features, one of which is wrapped.

Marking the beginning of every user’s wrap-up, each wrap has its unique aesthetic and lists its most-streamed songs, artists, and albums. Each user has a special wrap that blends with other users’ wraps to give each its unique aesthetic. Spotify began offering these reports after reports from a Swedish news outlet, Swedish Radio P4, showed that Spotify Wrapped was met with immediate skepticism. Spotify Wrapped was met with skepticism this week, as Swedish newspaper Swedish Radio P4 reports that many users doubted the feature’s usefulness.

Due to Spotify’s plan to have their users’ data tracked and stored in Sweden, many questions whether the project can be trusted. The company has been under fire for its plans to keep users’ personal information in Sweden, a move seen in other countries like Germany, Russia, and India.