This has possibly been the hottest July of all time.

Rap beefs have been heating up, and rappers have taken this opportunity to become more brazen in terms of dissing each other. This time the person taking the shots is Vic Mensa.

Early this morning, the Roc Nation signee released an all new freestyle track titled, “Heir To The Throne.” Within the song Vic took the opportunity to launch an assault against rapper, Travis Scott. First by mimicking his famous “Straight Up!” ad lib. And then sliding into a less subtle diss. Stating, “Couple rap n***as you’d a thought that we was crews, real life n***as is corny what can I do, rich boy rappers get the notion that they’re tough, you a Cheddar Bob, you better shooting yourself.”

This has significance as Travis Scott grew up with a relatively privileged life, especially in comparison to other rappers. Scott grew up with middle class parents and was afforded the opportunity to attend the University of Texas for a year before dropping out and beginning a career in production. Mensa attacks Scott’s character by saying that he is “corny” and that just because he’s rich doesn’t make him tough. He then compares him to the character of “Cheddar Bob”, a goofball in Eminem’s movie 8 Mile, who ended up shooting himself in the crotch during the movie.

While it isn’t yet known what caused this beef to originate between two of Kanye West’s proteges, members of the forum “KanyeToThe” saw what appeared to be the origin of the beef on Twitter.Where Mensa was compared to Travis Scott, he responded:  “Don’t mention me with no funny style n*ggas.”

There were also stories that members of Vic’s Savemoney crew engaged in a fight at Travis Scott’s party.

Whether or not these rumors are true, this has been one hot July in terms of rap beef. It seems like the Drake and Meek Mill beef has really opened up the floodgates.

Stream the track below, diss lyrics start at 1:40: