M.I.A. has been quiet lately. A little too quiet if you ask me… Which makes the surprise appearance of a new track from the British/Sri Lankan rapper so much sweeter.

Earlier today, she tweeted a promise to her 630k Twitter Followers: If she can find her SoundCloud password she’ll share a demo of a new song she just recorded.


Well it looks like she found what she was looking for, because a few hours later a new song called “Platforms” appeared on her SoundCloud page – Her first public upload to the service since her (recently deleted) “Can See Can Do” demo back in March.

The song appears to be a little political, with powerful lyrics like “The tech dudes are the only ones having a good day / Coz talking is cheap / Coz they make it easy” hidden behind that familiar M.I.A. Bounce we’ve all come to know and love. The chorus also makes it sound like the song it a little introspective as well, “Platforms here’s a train of thought / Getting to the bright side of me is why I fought / I’m gonna say what else have I got / Maybe there’s glory in all the things I’m not.”

But hey, this isn’t an English Lit. class. Who cares what I think. Just listen to the track below:


Earlier this year, M.I.A. tweeted “to my hardcore fans hang in there summer is coming.” Could a new album be on the horizon? – Here’s hoping.