One of the standout tracks of the summer has received a new dance remix, courtesy of Major Lazer and Kick Raux.

Dancehall singer, Kranium, rose to prominence with the release of the original version of this track. He then parlayed that new-found fame into a multi-year deal with Atlantic records. In June of this year, a new version was released featuring Ty Dolla $ign, most famous for his breakout track, “Or Nah.”

Now, two of the hottest producers in the game, in the form of Major Lazer and Kick Raux, have taken it upon themselves to release a hot new remix of this track infused with their own stylistic flair.

With these four new forces combining to collaborate on this song, it has now been taken to a whole new stratosphere. Hearing Kranium’s crooning Reggae vocals that brought him to fame over a memorable and pulsing EDM beat is stunning, culminating in Ty Dolla $ign effortlessly spitting a verse in his globally famous sing-song esque voice that blows you away.

This is a hot remix of what was already a standout track. Check it out below: