Drake refuses to let this beef go.

After Drake released a diss track titled, “Charged Up” last week, people began to believe that the beef between he and Meek Mill was simmering to a close. However, the fans couldn’t have been further from the truth. Today, Drake has reignited the beef between the two rap forces by releasing a ruthless tune in which he eviscerated Meek with cold-blooded rhymes.

The ruthless lyrics that he shot at a man who used to be his dear friend were game-changing. He stated that “You still haven’t done sh*t about the other one”, due to Meek Mill not responding to his previous diss track, and then launches into a vicious tirade, stating “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” Due to Meek Mill accompanying Nicki Minaj on her Pinkprint world tour. This line ignited the Twitter world, leading to various images being posted, poking fun at Meek Mill for not having his own tour, for example:

On account of Drake being the most popular rapper in the world, his fans have come out of the woodwork to help bury Meek Mill, insulting him for “riding on Nicki’s coattails” and attacking his loud and energetic rap delivery by labeling it “annoying”. Drizzy and Nicki were once dear friends, but it seems as if Drake has sacrificed their friendship in favor of launching a much more strongly worded assault.

Drake then references the Nicki and Meek Mill collaboration track, “Buy A Heart” in which Nicki mentioned that she wanted Meek to be someone who could “confide in her.” Drake brutally attacks Meek’s character by saying “I know that you gotta be a thug for her, but this ain’t what she meant when told you to open up for her.”

Drake then launched into a brutal tirade against Funkmaster Flex for not dropping the reference tracks that he promised by saying “I’ve been waiting four days n*gga, where y’all at?” and that looking back on it” he’s going to be mad for even giving him this attention”.

Drake released a song that will completely change the landscape of rap. He burned his bridges with his former Young Money labelmate Nicki Minaj, and has destroyed any remnant of his former friendship with Meek Mill by attacking his character and integrity. This has displayed to all the true power and influence that Drake possesses, as he even has his millions of loyal Twitter followers on the case attacking Meek Mill.

Just to add further salt on the wound, Drake revealed the cover of the song to be his hometown team the Toronto Blue Jays celebrating their 1993 world series victory against Meek Mill’s home team, the Philadelphia Phillies; indicating that Drake has triumphed over Meek Mill. All of this further proves that you should not mess with the 6 God.

Stream the track below: