Aaron Carter has been absent from the music scene for quite some time. The last album that he released was “Another Earthquake”, and that was back in 2002. Aaron’s new album is entitled “Love”, and it will be released on February 16, 2018. He stated that he is focused on his music right now.

Aaron also stated that he has learned a valuable lesson. That lesson is to not to dwell on the past and live for the future. Aaron also stated that he is grateful for the fans that have stuck with him throughout his entire music career. He will be going on tour after he releases the album. His tour will kick off in Teaneck, New Jersey on Febraury 22. The tour will end on March 16 in Kansasville, Wisconsin. The full tour dates are available on Aaron’s website.

Aaron released the first single from the album, which is entitled “Don’t Say Goodbye,” back in December. Aaron has had several struggles in his personal life over the years. He has battled alcoholism, depression and had a public feud with his older brother, Nick. He also filed for bankruptcy in 2013. He owed $3.5 million in debt. Most of this debt comes the taxes on income that he earned during the height of his popularity.

Fortunately, Aaron Carter was able to overcome the struggles. He settled his debt in 2014 and has reconciled with his brother. He admitted that he used alcohol to self-medicate for depression, but he has received the help that he needed.

Aaron appeared on an episode of “MTV Cribs.” He stated that it appeared as though the family had everything from the outside. However, they were going through a lot. Aaron’s parents split up before the episode was aired. Aaron stated that his personal struggles have been his inspiration for the new music.