Olivia Rodrigo is a rising music star and a capable singer/songwriter who is known for starring in Disney’s “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” She released her debut album, “SOUR,” May of 2021 – which was met with much acclaim – and she says she has grown and learned so much since then. In a sea of thousands of music artists, Olivia Rodrigo is a unique musician who brings her own style to her songs. Her music has a very unique sound, and her songs resonate with many individuals. She is able to marry catchy music with touching lyrics, and she finds that inspiration can strike her anywhere.

Time and experience can bring an even deeper resonance to even the best artist’s music, and this seems to be the case with Rodrigo. Her views on love, for example, have developed since the debut album, and she believes that she has a much more balanced view of relationships now. Many of the songs on the album are believed to be about her rocky relationship with co-star Joshua Bassett, and while she hasn’t confirmed that, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about the songs’ true meanings and whether or not they describe her relationship with Bassett.

Regardless of whether or not those songs are about Bassett and their experiences, the singer/songwriter has said that she has “grown up” since she debuted those hit songs, she says she has come to the point where she believes that female friendships can be more meaningful and enriching than romantic relationships with boys. She has found that, for her, her female friends have brought her “fulfillment” in ways that romantic relationships haven’t been able to, and she has been able to move past heartbreak and use her past experiences to become a more rounded individual.

Rodrigo is certainly a powerful artist, and her trajectory is looking bright. From “Driver’s License” to “Traitor,” she has a way of unearthing raw emotion in her music and touching on universal topics in a relatable way, and her music is worth keeping an eye on in the future as her style matures and grows.