Lostprophets have announced they will release their fifth album later this year.

The nu metal band, hailing from Pontypridd in Wales, will call the new release ‘Weapons’.

Due for release on April 2, 2012 ‘Weapons’ will serve as the follow-up to their 2010 release ‘The Betrayed’, which peaked on No.3 in the UK Album Charts.

As a treat to fans, a new single titled ‘Better off Dead’ debuted on BBC Radio 1 earlier today, and went on to trend worldwide on Twitter before the band made the track available to download for free on their website.

While speaking to Radio 1 earlier today, the band also claimed the lack of good music in the charts as the motivation for the album, with lead singer Ian Watkins saying: “That’s why we started, it was like, ‘Why is no-one making decent music? We’ll have to do it ourselves”.

The track demonstrates a very different sound from their past offerings – A fresh, heavy, and more metallic sound; which opens up a range of new possibilities for the group, who have yet to match the resounding success of their first two albums.

British Rapper/Producer Labrinth will be working with the band on the new release. Lostprophets had a hand in one of the tracks on Labrinth’s upcoming album ‘Electronic Earth’, and the band told NME he is returning the favor, saying: “Labrinth sent us a track he was doing on his album for us to play on, so we did that… Then he sent us a loop that we built a song around for our record. It’s pretty good, we’re really pumped for it.”

Listen to the Lostprophets’ new single ‘Better off Dead’ below: