Washington, D.C. is known for a great many things. One such activity are many types of festivals. People love music here. They like listening to it and they like attending concerts. There are lots of places to hear music indoors and outdoors all around the city. That’s very much why those who live and visit this part of the world were pleased to be part of a music festival over the weekend of June 19th in the region. This was a chance for people to get together. It was also a chance for musicians to show off what they happen to do best.

Something in the Water Festival

In the last few years, one festival has caught the eyes of many residents. That is the Something in the Water Festival. This is the brainchild is a world renowned musician Pharrell Williams. He was able to invite many people who share his love of performing to D.C. to entertain vast crowds. At the festival, there were lots of performances from people who make music that people like hearing. That includes Justin Timberlake. It also includes lots of other performers from varied backgrounds and fields of music such as Calvin Harris.

Lots of People

Lots of people were at the festival in order to enjoy the live performances. Experts estimate that more than fifty thousand people decided to make this festival their own. That’s comparable to many other activities that take place each summer in this city. They were treated to concerts by some of the best known names in the world who are happy to shuck off previous restrictions on the number of people allowed in one place right now. It was obvious that the crowd had a lot of fun thanks to the efforts of Mr. Williams.

Things to Eat

Another very special thing about this festival is that participants were given a chance to eat and drink lots of items. Those who were looking for something to eat could pick and choose from their favorite food trucks. They also found lots of popups that allowed to sample some of the finest food that the city has to offer. Long lines were the order of the day but people were satisfied with their choices in the end. That’s why the music festival can be considered a success for all those who were in attendance.