Justin Timberlake’s half-time performance is one of the things that people are looking forward to at the Super Bowl. Rumor has it that Justin Timberlake will be performing with a Prince hologram. The Super Bowl will take place in Minneapolis, which was Prince’s hometown.

“Billboard” reached out to Justin’s representatives, but they have not commented on this. Sheila E, who is an artist who had worked with Prince for a long time, addressed the hologram rumor. She stated that Prince was very against having a hologram. She also stated that it will not be cool if that happens.

Omaar Baker, who is Prince’s half-brother, denied the report on Twitter. Someone asked whether the performance was not happening or not authorized. Omaar stated that the performance was not happening and had not been authorized.

Before the Prince hologram rumors started, Emma Quigley was interviewed and asked questions about the upcoming Super Bowl performance. She stated that one of the great things about doing a half-time show is that there is something different every year. She also stated that they have to work with artists to make sure that each performance is new and exciting. Emma Quigley is the head of music for Pepsi North American.

Aziel Rivers is the marketing director. He stated that the Super Bowl performance will show Justin at his best. He also stated that Justin is going to perform some of his greatest hits that many people may have forgotten about. Additionally, Aziel believes that this performance will have people up and dancing.

Justin has expressed his admiration for Prince. He called Prince the best all-round musician. There were rumors that there would be an Nsync reunion and the performance would feature Janet Jackson. However, Justin stated that neither of those rumors are true. This is the third time that Justin Timberlake has performed at the Super Bowl.