Billboard recently reported that Justin Timberlake made some waves during his performance at halftime of Super Bowl LII when he stopped to take a picture with an unassuming fan. Near the end of his highly anticipated performance, Timberlake ascended into the stadium to bring his many fans into the excitement of the act. One lucky boy was able to grab a selfie with Timberlake, who proclaimed “Super Bowl selfies!” at the end of his performance.

Timberlake’s performance consisted mostly of snippets of some of his most popular songs, during which he incorporated plenty of solo and group dance numbers. He was accompanied by a large marching band as well as color guard performers during his performances of “Suit and Tie” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” There were reflective signs being raised throughout his rendition of “Mirror,” which lit up the entire stadium.

Although not everyone was a fan of Timberlake’s performance, it made headlines for being on par with many of his other shows. He did not incorporate any other famous performers, but Timberlake did pay tribute to Prince with a large video of Prince showing while Timberlake sang along. There were initial rumors that Timberlake was going to bring back the whole gang from N’Sync for a crazy reunion. That did not happen, although Timberlake never confirmed any of those rumors.

Timberlake previously made headlines for his Super Bowl halftime performance when Janet Jackson had her infamous wardrobe malfunction. Many Janet Jackson fans were upset that Timberlake was invited back to perform at the Super Bowl after this incident, but Janet Jackson was left in the dust. In an effort to avoid wardrobe drama this time around, Timberlake played it fairly safe in terms of costume choices and interactions with dancers and performers. While there were some group dance numbers, Timberlake mostly highlighted his own dance moves while moving around to different platforms and eventually up into the stands. There weren’t any major technical difficulties or glitches to speak of, but some fans were underwhelmed that Timberlake did not pull out any dramatic displays or sets to speak of.

The other famous performer during the Super Bowl LII festivities was Pink, who sang the national anthem. Reviews were mixed about her performance, which some critics say was fairly lackluster. However, Pink was reportedly suffering from the flu at that time, which she acknowledged to her fans over social media.