Thursday night in Las Vegas started the same as any Thursday night in Las Vegas. The legendary songwriter and pianist, Elton John was playing his set in front of millions of people. It was just another Thursday night, up on stage, for Elton John, however, partly through his song, “Saturday Night is Alright for Fighting,” a few overzealous fans ruined the entire event for everyone.
TMZ secured the video, which shows Elton storming off stage, and even exchanging some vulgar language with a fan! Elton John is no stranger to inviting fans onstage with him during a set. These particular fans, however, became unruly. They were reaching across his piano, according to Elton, obstructing his piano playing and therefore the whole performance. Elton John even took to his personal Instagram to help explain the altercation and his reason for storming off stage in the middle of a routine Las Vegas performance. According to Elton, one fan went as far as to literally press Elton John’s piano keys while he played his music.
After storming away from his performance, Elton returned on stage for a final, angry declaration: “No more coming on stage…you f—-d it up.”

Elton’s frustration is no surprise. Just last month, during the same song, nonetheless, fans were throwing Mardi Gras beads over Elton and his piano. The beads whacked him in his face and made playing extremely difficult. Anyone who has heard Elton’s piano playing will agree that it is difficult enough, without heavy beads cascading over his face! After that performance, Sir Elton John was aided by his security team, while checking his teeth for damage due to the massive beads being thrown at him.
Eventually, John recomposed himself to finish the show, despite a few fans’ unchecked behaviors. Elton John has announced that this tour will be his last before retirement, so hopefully, fans will learn to appreciate that and make the best of the last time ever to see Elton John live, in all his mysticism and grandeur.