Ed Sheeran was trying to keep a low profile while shopping at a mall in West Edmonton, Canada when he heard a familiar sound coming from a talent competition outside a nearby store.

Naturally, he had to check it out.

The video begins with the camera man asking “What’s happening Ed?” An excited Ed replies “I’m just gonna go sing with someone” before rolling up on the stage while a girl is half way through singing his hit song “Thinking Out Loud.”

Ed’s huge grin as he jumped on stage and the look of intense shock as the girl realizes it’s the real Ed Sheeran is priceless. It didn’t sound like she needed any help with the song (way to go, girl!), but Ed still helped her out for a few verses before leaving the stage and letting the her have her moment. And the bragging rights that come with saying you sang with Ed Sheeran.

If anyone ever questions why he’s your fav, just show them this video: