Comic movies have been making a lot of money at the box office for a long time. The film “Justice League” was a big hit when it was released two years ago. However, another version of the film exists that has never been released. This extended version has come to be known as the Snyder cut. The reason this version exists at all is because the film was originally supposed to be split into two parts. However, those plans were eventually scrapped. That meant that a lot of footage ended up on the cutting room floor.

Fans have started to campaign for the release of the Snyder cut ever since its existence was revealed to the public. It was recently the second anniversary of the original release of “Justice League” in theaters. This occasion marked the beginning of many people asking for the Snyder cut to be released. Zack Snyder himself has been getting involved. He has posted several details about the extended version. He has let fans know a few of the key plot points of the Snyder cut.

Snyder obviously wants the longer version to be released at some point. The bad news is that it is not his decision. Warner Bros. holds all of the cards. The studio does not seem very interested in releasing the Snyder cut. It is unclear why they would be against it since they would stand to make a lot of money if it were to be released. Warver Bros. has not commented on the film’s release. The fact that they have not ruled it out has given many fans hope. Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot have chimed in on social media to say that they would be in favor of the Snyder Cut seeing the light of day. Whether or not that actually happens is anyone’s guess.

The fact that the desire of the public to see the Snyder cut of “Justice League” only seems to be getting stronger might eventually force Warner Bros. to release it. The studio probably thought that the campaign to see the extended version would only last for a few weeks until it died out. They were clearly wrong if they made that assumption. Comic books fans are very passionate. They are clearly upset about all of this footage being kept in a vault instead of being released to the public. Only time will tell if the public can see it.