A new image recently hit the net, and the picture should please fans of Gal Gadot and the DC Extended Universe. The photo features Gadot in the Wonder Woman costume taking on a bad guy. The title of the superhero sequel is Wonder Woman 1984, and the location of the short battle is appropriate. The scuffle takes place in a mall, the preferred kid’s hangout of the era.

Don’t expect the image to elicit drama as much as laughs. The photo features a very 1980’s-dressed bad guy being held by the leg by Wonder Woman. She holds him with one arm, upside down, while placing a finger to her lips. She’s probably telling another bad guy to be quiet.

The photo does more than remind people how powerful Wonder Woman is. The image tells audiences that the film won’t be grim and serious, as was the case with the worst of the DCEU. The 2017 Wonder Woman film delivered an upbeat, inspiring superhero adventure tale and connected with fans looking for the elusive “good” DCEU. Wonder Woman was more than a “good” film; the feature presented the best DCEU entry to date.

Wonder Woman turned out to be a massive box office success and paved the way for the second DCEU hit, Aquaman. Few expect Wonder Woman 1984 to be anything less than an equally successful smash.

Little is known about the film so far. Fans do know that the comic book villain, Cheetah makes her debut. Also, Chris Pine returns in the sequel. Much mystery surrounds his presence, as Pine’s character died in the first movie.

Wonder Woman 1984 doesn’t hit movie screens for several months. The next DCEU film features Harley Quinn’s return in an ensemble film with the Birds of Prey. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment want to keep fans interested in Wonder Woman while not detracting from the soon-to-be-released Margot Robey adventure. That’s why the offices will continue to release teaser photos until a full-length new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer lands. Perhaps the trailer will arrive when the Harley Quinn movie opens in theaters.

Word has it that not only is Wonder Woman 3 a given, but there may also be a spin-off series in the works, too. The DCEU seems to have found its footing with many anticipated projects coming forth.