The upcoming Disney+ streaming channel wants to deliver exclusive content capable of drawing in subscribers. Disney’s decision to offer Marvel Cinematic Universe content should go over big with potential subscribers. The planned programming connects with the popular movies. The millions of people who purchased movie tickets and DVDs can continue their viewing pleasure by seeing how various characters’ lives play out on the small screen. The upcoming WandaVision program brings back the presumably deceased Vision and reunites him with Wanda, the Scarlett Witch. Reports about the show reveal the series won’t involve several episodes with independent plots. Instead, the series will play out like a six-hour movie broken up in parts, reports Screen Rant.

Where does this information come from? The details aren’t born of speculation from fans nor from dubious leaks in the production department. WandaVision star Paul Bettany confirmed the construct of the series.

So, the source is credible. Don’t expect a Lou Ferrigno/Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk-style series. WandaVision arrives in a format no different from the programming created by Netflix and DC Comics’ streaming platform. Fans can watch an epic narrative play out like an old serial.

There’s irony present in Disney’s decision to follow the Netflix approach to superhero streaming content. Disney, the parent company of Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios, ceased its relationship with the streaming channel. Disney doesn’t want any avoidable competition. Cutting Netflix out of the mix helps the cause. Then again, Netflix was cutting itself out by producing weak programs that experienced declining numbers. Disney may feel it can do Marvel heroes better and wants to control the brand.

WandaVision has the potential to become wildly popular with fans because Vision quickly became a beloved character. Although a B-grade, almost C-grade, character in Marvel Comics history, Bettany’s performance captured fans hearts. The streaming program intends to be a modern upgrade of the old The Vision and the Scarlett Witch series popular in generations past. Whether the two characters can sustain a series and rise above supporting character status isn’t too questionable. The fans are familiar with them through several hit Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The real question is, “Do subscribers want to pay for another new streaming channel?” Marvel movie fans may already be in the bag thanks to the arrival of programming like WandaVision.