Vin Diesel is an actor that has a lot going on this year. He has two very big movies that will be released soon. The film “Bloodshot” will see him playing a superhero. That film is scheduled to be released on March 13. Then there will be the big “F9” movie that is going to be released in May. The movie industry has been rocked by the coronavirus outbreak. There have been many productions that have changed locations in order to protect their cast and crew from the dangerous disease. There have also been movies like the new James Bond film that have completely changed their release date because of the fact that all theaters are closed in China right now.

Vin Diesel is very adamant about the release dates of his two movies not being moved as a result of the global cornavirus crisis. He feels that people in China will see the movies eventually. Therefore, the rest of the world should not be inconvenienced by having the films delayed until the crisis is under control in China. There is no telling how long that is going to take. This is why he believes that the studios need to stick to the release dates that have been promised to fans.

In normal situations, an actor would have no say whatsoever regarding when a film is released. However, Vin Diesel has a producer credit on both of these movies. Therefore, he has a voice and he has clearly been listened to by the studios that are releasing these films. Vin feels that it is very important during this crisis that people have entertainment to help them forget about all of the bad things that are happening around them. There is a lot of logic to what he is saying.

Vin Diesel does concede that it might not be the greatest decision in the world to release the movies at this time. He admits that it might make more business sense to wait and delay the release of the films until later in the year. However, he wants to give these films to the fans on the dates they were promised. He has a lot of support from the studios regarding this decision. His cast members have also stepped forward and said that they agree with sticking to the original release dates. What impact this has on the overall box office will never be known.