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Recent years have seen movie audiences seek out entertainment in the most painfully horrific of movies, and the success of films like Alexandre Aja’s ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ and the infamous ‘Saw’ Franchise, which collectively grossed $848 million at box offices worldwide acts as testament to that. As viewers unnervingly peek through fingers at the latest torturous revulsion, many have questioned how on earth such twisted tales became a legitimate form of entertainment.

Well, it seems the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has reached its limit as the sequel to 2010’s ‘The Human Centipede’, aptly named ‘The Human Centipede II’ has been refused a classification, banning its distribution in the UK.

The original saw a deranged scientist mutilate three tourists into a human centipede, the logistics of which I will leave to your imagination. Director Tom Six admits Part One to be “My Little Pony compared to Part Two,” as the film allegedly features a human centipede consisting of twelve individuals.

In a statement supporting their decision, the BBFC stated, “Whereas in the first film the ‘centipede’ idea is presented as a revolting medical experiment, with the focus on whether the victims will be able to escape, this sequel presents the ‘centipede’ idea as the object of the protagonist’s depraved sexual fantasy,” subsequently “harm is likely to be caused to potential viewers.”

Tom Six told Empire, “Apparently I made an horrific horror-film, but shouldn’t a good horror film be horrific? …It is fictional…give people their own choice to watch it or not.”

In light of the BBFC’s contentious decision, the American Movie Classification Board is under pressure to state their position regarding the films release in the US.

Share your thoughts. Is the BBFC justified in its decision, or does personal freedom entitle the individual to decide what they themselves do or do not watch?

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