Release Dates: 10 June (US), 5 August (UK)

The Godfather of the Summer Blockbuster, Mr. Stephen Spielberg, returns as producer alongside director J. J. Abrams in ‘Super 8’, a coming of age movie that morphs into a sci-fi thriller. Initially intended as an autobiographical depiction of Abrams own childhood shooting home movies on an old super 8 camera, Abrams decided to give the movie a sci-fi twist, the secrets of which he holds close to his chest; “I love to just keep my mouth shut about stuff…I’m just doing everything I can to maintain a level of anticipation and secrecy.”

What is revealed in the trailer is essentially the extent of all knowledge concerning the plot of Super 8. When US forces close a section of Area 51, materials are transported to a secure facility in Ohio. Six small town Ohio kids experience a coming-of-age moment after witnessing a catastrophic train crash. Extraordinary events ensue leading to the revelation that the crash was no accident. The rest remains a mystery… for now!