Certain to be a hit this summer is Monsters University, the hotly anticipated prequel to Pixar’s 2001 blockbuster Monsters inc. To raise excitement – for both adults and children – Pixar have released a brand new trailer full of hilarity and scares.

The animation joins James P Sullivan (aka ‘Sulley’) and Mike Wazowski as they embark upon college life at Monsters University. Although we know the pair jointly became Monsters Inc’s finest scarers, it is apparent their relationship did not set off to a good start. Thrown together as roommates their competitive natures get them kicked out of MU’s elite Scare Program. In true Disney fashion the duo have to find a way to overcome their differences to achieve their common goal.

John Goodman and Billy Crystal will reprise the roles of Sulley and Mike respectively. Dan Scanlon (Cars) will be in the directors chair and Helen Mirren will play the intimidating Dean of Monsters University, Dean Hardscrabble.

The award-winning actress comically discussed her role in the forthcoming animation, saying: “What a liberation! As an actor you have two important tools to your trade: your voice and your body…it has not been easy to squash my many legs and wings into the various costumes I have been forced to uncomfortably wear, disguising my true form. Finally I can make good use of both my voice and my body in a role that seems tailor-made for me!”

Monsters University is due for release Jun 21, 2013.

Check out the Monsters University trailer below: