It has been six years since shooting wrapped on Fox Searchlight’s long anticipated movie ‘Margaret’, yet only now has a trailer emerged and a release date been set.

The movie follows seventeen-year-old schoolgirl Lisa (Paquin), who feels she is inadvertently responsible for a horrific accident in which a women is killed. Struggling to cope with her guilt and the repercussions of having lied to investigators, Lisa seeks refuge in the arms of her high school teacher (Damon).

The film initially had everything going for it: An A-list cast featuring the likes of Anna Paquin (True Blood), Matt Damon (Invictus), and Matthew Broderick (The Kids Are Alright), a captivating synopsis, and the expertise of ‘You Can Count on Me’ director Kenneth Lonergan.

Unfortunately the post-production stage proved problematic and since filming wrapped in 2005 the movie has sparked two lawsuits.

Firstly Fox Searchlight sued co-financer Gary Gilbert citing he failed to pay the studio half of the films production costs.

Gilbert then counter-sued Fox Searchlight and Lonergan claiming they refused his assistance to finish the movie when Lonergan struggled to edit the film in its post-production stages.

‘Margaret’ has finally been confirmed for a limited US release on September 30. A UK release date is not yet known.

Check out the trailer below and see if you think its worth the wait.