The first official trailer for ‘Broken City’ has been released.

The new film, which stars Russell Crowe as Mayor Nicholas Hostetler and Mark Wahlberg as police officer Billy Taggart, comes from director Allen Hughes. It’s Hughes’ first directorial project since 2010’s ‘The Book Of Eli.’

Mayor Hostetler employs Taggart to investigate the secret life of his estranged wife, who has apparently been having an affair that he cannot prove. From the trailer, it’s clear that the elaborate maneuvers taken by both are a set up to frame Taggart.

The rest of the film sees Taggart attempting his revenge on Hostetler for the framing.

Catherine Zeta-Jones also stars in the Hughes’ project, which was written by first time screenwriter Brian Tucker. Tucker is also slated to write the remake for the violent 2002 Park Chan-Wook film ‘Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance.’

‘Broken City’ is scheduled for release January 18, 2013.

Watch the official ‘Broken City’ trailer below: