The trailer for the new CW series “Batwoman” dropped just recently online. It gives viewers a look at what to expect when actress Ruby Rose becomes a crime-fighting vigilante looking to make a name for herself that isn’t Batman.

According to NBC News, the show will feature a lesbian superhero portrayed by the Australian actress. In the trailer, Kate Kane’s love interest Sophie (Megan Tandy) is kidnapped. Crows Security, a group featured in the trailer seems incapable of handling the city’s latest threat. That sends Kane on a quest to save her lover. While she starts out as her normal self trying to handle that task, she finds it a bit complex without the superhero costume and other extras.

Based on the trailer, that requires a visit to Wayne Manor, the stomping grounds of Kane’s cousin, Bruce Wayne aka Batman. From there, she finds Wayne’s assistant. She has him modify the bat costume, and maybe provide other items she may need for her crime-fighting crusade.

NBC News provided comments from Trish Bendix regarding the trailer and upcoming series. Bendix is a culture writer and editor who has provided coverage of LGBTQ issues often. She told the website via email, “Seeing Batwoman in action as a convincingly queer hero is groundbreaking and I’m psyched for the show.”

While Kate Kane as Batwoman provides a series exclusively devoted to a lesbian leading character, there are other characters on series. They include Tiana Brown on Fox’s “Empire” and Annalise Keating on ABC’s “How to Get Away With Murder.” The CW’s Arrow also features a lesbian character Nyssa portrayed by Katrina Law.

The series arrives after the recent finale for the popular series “Gotham.” It featured a lead up to the debut of Bruce Wayne as Batman in its final episodes. Viewers are continuing to hold out hope that a Batman series may be on the way in the future for the CW or DC’s new streaming service.

The “Batwoman” trailer checks in at around three minutes. Since arriving on YouTube, it’s racked up over two million views and 41,000 comments. Viewers can watch the full “Batwoman” trailer at the YouTube video here. The show arrives on the CW network this Fall.