Taylor Hickson, a rising young actress from Canada, has filed suit against Incident Productions. The 20-year-old claims that she suffered a disfiguring facial injury while filming “Ghostland,” an independent horror film produced by Incident.

The lawsuit alleges that in December 2016, the actress was filming a scene that required her to pound on a glass door. The director, Pascal Laugier, kept having Hickson pound harder on the glass. At one point, she claims to have asked a producer and Laugier if doing so was safe. According to her account, they both affirmed that it was. She listened to their reassurances and complied.

On one take, the force shattered the door, causing the actress to fall forward through the broken glass. The shards sliced into the left side of her face, requiring a trip to the emergency room and 70 stitches.

The suit claims that after a year and multiple treatments, there is still visible scarring that has kept Hickson from obtaining work. It has caused both physical and mental distress for the actress. She also spent months recovering from the injury, causing further loss of work and opportunities.

The suit alleges that the producers failed to follow industry standards. They didn’t use safety glass or employ a stunt double. They also failed to inform Hickson of potential dangers and to ensure her safety on the set. The suit does not name Pascal Laugier as a defendant. It states that since Laugier was an employee of the production company, the production company is liable for his actions.

“Ghostland” is set to premiere in Paris on March 14. Hickson will not be attending.

The actress has a few projects in post-production, including a role in the “Deadly Class” pilot and in “Giant Little Ones,” which stars Maria Bello. Her past credits include parts in “Deadpool,” “Everything, Everything,” “Residue,” and “Aftermath.”