The world of superhero movies never seems to suffer a shortage of surprising news. In a turnabout, Christian Bale, the former Batman of the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films, is in talks to return to the comic book movie fold. He isn’t talking with Warner Bros. or DC Entertainment, though. Bale is in talks with Marvel Studios about a role in Thor 4: Love and Thunder.

Bale’s possible return to superhero films is somewhat surprising. The actor seemed content to move on with his career and leave comic book fantasies behind. Circumstances and career decisions do change. With the right offer and role, Bale, or any actor, can be coaxed into accepted a deal.

The role Bale would play in Thor 4: Love and Thunder is unknown. Perhaps the best part for him would be a villainous one. However, no official word about his possible role exists.

Bale might be looking at potential career stability if he latches onto several Marvel Cinematic Universe films. He could appear in MCU productions and other projects when not tied to Marvel commitments. He did possibly have that option earlier with Warner Bros.

Early during the planning stages of the failed Justice League film, rumors swirled that Bale received a $50 million offer to play Batman in the movie. Bale never wholly confirmed or denied the offer, but there’s no reason to assume Warner Bros. never made an offer. The Dark Knight films made billions upon billions of dollars. Adding Bale to Justice League and continuing his character’s exploits in the DC Extended Universe seemed logical. Then again, the tone of the DCEU was so removed from the Dark Knight Trilogy, Bale and his Batman might not have made a good fit.

Bale did try to restart a franchise career with the fourth Terminator film, but the film did less-than-expected at the box office. The next two Terminator installments did even worse. Perhaps the studio should have continued with the planned Bale trilogy.

Thor 4 is turning out to be an intriguing movie. Former star Chris Hemsworth takes a supporting role in the film as Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster character takes the lead heroic role.

Hemsworth’s Thor will also appear in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film, although production delays skewed the timeline. Guardians 3’s original release date preceded Thor 4, but not the reverse is the case.