After a casting process that seemed like it would never end, and a major rewrite to accommodate new additions to the cast, Fox has finally revealed who will be playing who in its Fantastic Four reboot.

Variety reports that Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Miles Teller will lead the flick. It’s an interesting choice of cast that’s sure to bring a fresh flare and personality to the series, but the roles are far from set in stone.

Only two roles have been completely confirmed. Jordan was first attached to the film last year, and is all set to play Johnny Storm / The Human Torch. Also, Mara’s contract to play Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman has been signed, sealed, and delivered, so everything is good to go there.

However, while he doesn’t have any other engagements, Bell’s contract to play Ben Grimm / The Thing remains unsigned and while Teller is expected to sign on to play Reid Richards / Mr. Fantastic, his deal is supposedly in the negotiation stage.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for final confirmation.

The reboot will use “The Ultimate Fantastic Four” comic book series as inspiration for a more contemporary story set in New York City. While the characters are largely the same, their origin stories are different. In “The Ultimate Fantastic Four,” our heroes get their powers from a failed teleportation experiment instead of the cosmic rays found in the traditional Marvel Universe.

Chronicle director Josh Trank is on board to lead the flick, which is produced by Matthew Vaughn, Gregory Goodman, and screenwriter Simon Kinberg.

We don’t know who the villain of this story will be just yet, but screen tests and auditions for the role are still ongoing.

If the current schedule holds, the film will be released on Jun 19, 2015.

Check out the trailer for the 2005 version of “Fantastic Four” below: