The coronavirus crisis has another movie victim to add to its growing list. Marvel Studios has officially announced that “Black Widow” will not be hitting theaters on the first of May like it was originally scheduled to do. This film is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. It was assumed that it would be a blockbuster. It was scheduled to be one of only two releases for Marvel Studios in 2020. There was no new release date given for the film. It will be delayed until further notice. It remains to be seen when Marvel Studios feels that it will be safe to release the film.

The news of “Black Widow” being delayed was hardly a surprise to anyone. There were many other very big and expensive films that have already been pushed back. Disney pulled the trigger on delaying the “Mulan” release a few weeks ago. The same goes for the new James Bond film. No new “Mulan” release date has been set. However, the latest installment in the James Bond series will debut in November. There was really no choice for Marvel Studios in this matter. People are not going to the movies because they do not want to get infected. All of the movie theaters in New York City and Los Angeles are closed. Therefore, “Black Widow” would not make much money if they kept their original release date of May first.

To say that things are very bad now for the movie industry would be a very big understatement. The industry as a whole could lose literally billions of dollars if the virus crisis keeps going for a very long period of time. Productions are shut down around the world. Movies are not being filmed because it is not safe to have large groups of people gathering together on a movie set.

“Black Widow” is a film that Marvel Studios and Disney have already spent a lot of money marketing. That money has essentially been flushed down the toilet due to the decision to delay the film indefinitely. Fans around the world are very disappointed because the trailers had many people very excited to see the movie. As the crisis goes on, there will most certainly be other films that need to have their release dates delayed. The movie industry is going to need to absorb some massive losses before this crisis ends.