You remember Ken Jennings right? The trivia king of “Jeopardy!”. He went on the longest winning streak in the history of the show and surprised everyone by doing so. That was back in 2004 when he won 74 games of Jeopardy! in a row. It set the record well beyond anything that anyone else has accomplished before or since. Well, now he has a lot of other things going on in his life as well.

He Writes Books

It is a pretty natural leap to go from a trivia nerd to someone who writes books. Still, his writing is rather interesting, and it is easy to say that it is entertaining as well. He throws in a little of his personality into each book, and you can almost feel the humor and sarcasm seeping off of each page.

Ken has put out a number of books since his time on Jeopardy!. They include: “Maphead” a book about his obsession with geography, “Because I Said So!” a book about the myths that parents tell their children, and a trivia book that is the largest of its kind ever put out in the United States.

He Is Still On Game Shows

He remains a staple on some game shows. They like to bring him on as a guest or sometimes as a regular member to have contestants try to pit their knowledge against the master so to speak. He has been on shows like “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” and “Clued In”.

He Has A Highly-Loved Twitter Account

His Twitter account has been routinely named one of the best ones to follow on the whole site. He was ranked as the tenth best Twitter account by Paste Magazine. They love how he posts random bits of trivia and observations about the society around us. It is actually entertaining reading, something that is difficult to find on a lot of Twitter.

He Is Political

He is not afraid to share his political views. He is pretty critical of the current President, but he does so in a sly way. He is not aggressive about his views, but he does put out there what it is that he wants to say. It is genius in the way that he talks about such things without going to the throat of things and turning people off.